Laura Rodriguez

Alumni Coordinator

Muchin College Prep

About – Laura Rodriguez

Laura Elyne Rodriguez Vazquez, she/her/ella, is the Alumni Counselor at Muchin College Prep High School (MCP). Laura has proudly served the MCP community for thirteen years. Currently, Laura enjoys counseling and advising alumni who have graduated on post-secondary options including college, trade school, internships, gap years, and jobs both individually and/or in groups. Laura enjoys problem-solving issues related to finance, academic support on campus, racism on campus, personal and career goals. 

Laura is proud to share that she leads historic percentage numbers in the Noble Network under college matriculation, persistence and graduation numbers for Alumni. Laura was born to Immigrant parents and was raised in the low-income, marginalized community of Brighton Park/McKinley Park area, located in the South West Side of Chicago. Laura is a Chicago Public School (CPS) graduate and a first-generation college student. Laura attended Fox College where she earned an Associate of Applied Science degree, then attended Harold Washington City College (CCC’s) and transferred to Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies. Laura considers herself a life-long learner and decided to return to her alma mater, NEIU for graduate school and was accepted to be part of the Engaging Latinx Communities for Education (ENLACE) Master’s program. 

Laura hopes to pursue a PH.D in the near future and has other interests such as Community Organizing, Social Justice Advocacy, Law and Politics. On the weekends, Laura teaches a higher education seminar through the Medicina Academy Apprentice Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). For fun, Laura hosts yoga and sound bath sessions at home and local parks for free.

Laura is elated to have been accepted and given the opportunity to be part of the Noble Principal Fellowship to gain exposure to skills and competencies necessary to run a Noble campus. Laura was born with the gift to lead and is a proud member of her community. Laura looks forward to bringing radical and restorative practices to leadership to continue making positive, multi-generational change.