Marlene Rios

Noble Support Team

Marlene is a first-gen Posse Alumni who graduated with honors from Middlebury College with a bachelors of arts in sociology and psychology. While at Middlebury, she and her friends founded PALANA, the first social organization with residential space that catered to multicultural identities on campus, with over 200 active members. Marlene was fortunate enough to have access to programs and mentors that supported her through high school and college, so she wanted to do the same for other first-gen students of color in the city of Chicago. Therefore, she always worked closely with non-profits that focused on educational and employment development in underrepresented neighborhoods. Marlene is currently finishing her second year as an Alumni Success Coach for two Noble campuses, The Noble Academy and ITW Speer, with a caseload of approximately 600 students. She is providing personalized guidance and support to Noble’s graduates while they pursue college and/or the workforce. Marlene has been able to closely relate to alumni and foster a space where they feel heard and supported.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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