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My name is Jacquelin Arroyo. I was born and raised in Chicago. I am a long-time resident of the Humboldt Park neighborhood. When I was in 8th grade, I had the opportunity to enroll as a ninth grader to the original Noble Street campus, and became a member of the first graduating class. Upon graduating from Noble Street College Prep, I enrolled at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I majored in Political Science, and Minored in Russian Language and went on to earn a Masters of Teaching from the University of Southern California. Taking from my positive high school and college experiences, I have chosen to dedicate my energy towards a life of service. Upon graduation, I joined AmeriCorps, project VISTA. While working with AmeriCorps, I found that Noble Street and the University of Illinois at Chicago were partnering together to form a new Noble campus. I immediately applied, as Noble Street and UIC were integral in helping me to achieve a positive muligenerational change. Since 2007, I have been a proud founding member of UICCP community where I have had the opportunity to teach 9th grade reading and social studies, teach advisory, and lead our school's Culture team, as the Dean of Culture.