Moon Lee

Chief Data & Innovation Officer

About – Moon Lee

Over his 25-year career, Moon Lee has continuously sought opportunities for innovation and impact, focusing specifically on health, fitness, and education. Prior to joining the Noble Network of Charter Schools, Moon served as the Chief Technology Officer for Chicago-based Regroup Telehealth, where he helped create what is, today, the largest tele-psychiatry company in the United States. Prior to Regroup, Moon founded Servo, an impact-focused software development company that provided innovation for a number of clients, including national non-profits like the DAV (Disabled American Veterans), federal agencies such as the FDIC and the DHHS, global financial institutions in the U.S. and Europe, and well-known consumer brands and start-ups. Before that, Moon helped build and lead a number of other successful start-ups, including Trackvia and the Active Network. Moon studied law at Harvard Law School and completed his undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College.

Why do you work at Noble?

I am incredibly appreciative that I am here, a place where my skills and experience can be put to some good use.

Who was your favorite teacher while growing up?

My Modern European History teacher, Mr. Pollans, got me very interested in history in high school by really illuminating how to think about the underlying factors driving historical events. He provided the inspiration and foundation for a deep exploration of international history, as well as international relations and political economy in college, and even international law while I was in law school.

Favorite thing about Noble or favorite Noble moment?

My favorite thing about Noble is definitely its people. It’s rare to find such a collection of smart, thoughtful, and caring people all devoted to such an important mission.

What do you/your department do at Noble?

My teams provide the tools and expertise needed to measure, inform, and guide Noble’s strategic goals through data and technology. Our accountabilities broadly include stewardship of all student and alumni academic data, data engineering, and enterprise software development. As the department head, I manage:

Data Intelligence: a team of data scientists that lead Noble’s data practices and design our data visualizations

Data Engineering: a team of data engineers that write software and manage Noble’s cloud computing infrastructure

Data Platforms: administrators that support all of our campuses in using our information systems

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New York, NY (born in Wonju, South Korea)


Dartmouth (A.B. in Government)
Harvard Law School (Incomplete)

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