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Nikki Johnson

11th Physics

About – Nikki Johnson

She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. During college and afterwards She worked at Lou Malnati's and the Museum of Science and Industry. She became reacquainted with her passion for STEAM while working at MSI. This motivated her to pursue a teaching opportunity where She would be able to have longer interactions in the science field while making sure no one is limited in their pursuit of education. In her free time, she like to keep herself busy. If She was to have a favorite videogame it would most likely be Carneval which is a zombie game or House of Dead 4. Her favorite movie is Pan's Labyrinth, but her sweet spot is Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas. She is excited to start the school year. She know Physics can seem daunting, but She want the students to be able to leave the class at the end of the year with the Physics knowledge, ready to apply it to the world around them.