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Patricia Reyes

Science Instructor, 11th & 12th

About – Patricia Reyes

I was born and raised in Chicago, Humbolt Park area. When starting my undergraduate education I began with education. I have always worked with youth and wanted to teach. Life happened and different interests emerged and I went into Medicine. I became a Paramedic. I saw a need for education related to health and pursued a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. In practice, I quickly realized that I enjoyed educating and empowering verses testing and diagnosing. I began teaching health classes to all ages. After COVID, I saw a huge increase in mental health illness in our adolescents and decided to work in a school setting to better understand the need to support these young minds. A student can be limited if suffering from poor physical and mental health and there are many opportunities to educate, parents, teachers and staff to then support the youth. I have a love for science and coming from a non-traditional medical background its gives the students a chance to think about fields in Medicine beyond MD and BSN.