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Patty Arroyo

Assistant Principal

About – Patty Arroyo

Mrs. Arroyo is first generation born in the US from Mexican immigrant parents. Ms. Arroyo was raised in Huandacareo, Michoacán, México. Due to financial hardship, she and her family returned to Chicago when she was seventeen years old. She faced many challenges moving into a new environment, culture, people, including learning English, but with her family support, dedication and perseverance, she became a first generation college graduate. Mrs., Arroyo holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Foreign Languages, a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Masters of Arts in School Leadership. She is interested in pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Operations Management. Mrs. Arroyo has served in various roles at UICCP, including Spanish Instructor, Advisor, External Affairs Manager, Student Travel Abroad Program Manager and Dean of Operations. She is currently serving as our School Assistant Principal. Mrs. Arroyo enjoys traveling and spending time with her son and husband. She hopes for an amazing year full of great experiences for our school community.