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Gary Comer College Prep

About – Gary Comer College Prep

Rian Johnson is heading into her 5th year at Gary Comer College Prep as the Director of College. She served the past 4 years as Alumni Counselor at GCCP, and has had a 15 year career as an educator at all levels from elementary through college. She has made it her mission to help scholars get to and through college, to celebrate their identities, and to find their individual paths in life. Rian believes that the cultures identities of Black and Brown students should be reflected in all aspects of their education, and has been a vocal advocate for Culturally Responsive Teaching at both the school and organizational levels. Rian is a proud alumna of Florida A&M University and a 5th generation native of Dallas, Texas. She loves Diva (her puppy), singing, the Chicago Lakefront, delicious food, her DST, Summertime Chi, and her loved ones.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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