Ricardo (Ricky) Quezada

Pritzker College Prep 

Ricardo Quezada Jr. is a Latino man born and raised in Cicero, IL.  He attended Illinois State University where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Sciences.  Shortly after graduation, Ricardo spent some time working with Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.  He then worked at Dominican University as an Assistant Residence Hall Director before transitioning to the role of Coordinator of Student Life.  During his time at Dominican University, Ricardo received his Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution. At Noble, Ricardo has served 3 years on the Culture Team at Pritzker College Prep as a Culture Specialist and Assistant Dean of Culture. This year, Ricardo will be serving as the Dean of Culture at Pritzker.  In his free time, Ricardo enjoys working out, playing video games and hanging out with his friends, family, and his dog Jax.  He also loves sports, particularly football and basketball.  He is a big fan of the New England Patriots, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago White Sox.  As a first generation college student, Ricardo is passionate about working with minority students in the city of Chicago and looks forward to continuing to make an impact to inner city youth!

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