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Rick Stahman

10th Grade Chemistry Teacher

About – Rick Stahman

He’s originally from the small town of Waller, TX near Houston. He’s lived most of his life in Augusta, GA. He worked an internship for the EPA during his second-to-last year of college and ended up coaching his mentor's son's football team the following fall. From there He took a substitute teaching job after graduation at the K-8 school where He coached and started as the 5/6 Science teacher the next year. He moved to Chicago with his wife in 2019 which is how He ended up at UICCP. His old school took a trip to coastal Georgia every spring with the 6th graders where we canoed the Okefenokee swamp, hiked Cumberland Island, and spent a lot of time along the beach. He read a lot of science non-fiction, at the moment his favorite book is Helgoland by Carlo Rovelli. His favorite memory from high school was playing football, especially beating our cross-town rivals on the final play of the game as time expired his senior year. He works at UICCP because He love the community and culture here. He especially enjoys the opportunity He have to build up our football program. He is excited to get another season and another year in the classroom under his belt. He would love for our football team to make the playoffs and to dig deeper into how chemistry affects our lives in science class.