Rodolfo Cervantes

Chicago Bulls College Prep

About – Rodolfo Cervantes

Rodolfo Cervantes is a proud Latino of Mexican roots, born and raised in Chicago, IL. He is a first-generation college graduate. Rodolfo graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s in History and a minor in Spanish in 2017. He is currently finishing his Master’s of Arts in Teaching and is set to graduate this summer. Over the course of 4 years in his career, he has held a number of positions as a Paraprofessional, Teacher-at-Large, Social Studies teacher (Chicago Studies, Human Geography, World History), and as an advisor. He is passionate about seeing Latino and African-American students get the opportunity, access, resources, and encouragement they deserve to achieve their dreams in education and beyond. In his free time, he likes to dance to the fine beats of Latin music, work-out, walk his dogs, try new restaurants, and spend time with friends and family.

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