Diverse Leaders Fellowship Cohort One

The founding cohort of the Diverse Leaders Fellowship brought 20 leaders of color together from 9 distinct Noble campus communities, alongside 11 mentors from 7 campus communities. Our founding cohort of fellows began their respective journeys as Deans (Instruction, Culture, and Students), Teachers (PE, Math, English), Counselors, and Assistant Principals. These stewards of service have since gone on to admirably lead both within and outside of Noble in the same or similar roles, as well as shifting to various roles including Principal, Director, CEO/Founder, Educational Consultant, NST Manager, and campus Dean. Our founding cohort set the tone for the possibility of our fellowship and the power of our leaders of color across the network.


  • Pallavi Abraham
  • Ennis Bynum
  • David Cornejo
  • Nikki Desgrosellier
  • Jetaun Frye
  • Stephen Gilbert
  • Jacob Goldstein
  • Lucia Gonzalez
  • Jurema Gorham
  • JuDonne Hemingway
  • Emmanuel Jackson
  • Helen Loving
  • Brittany Marshall
  • Wildanette Mollfulleda
  • Rachel Powers
  • Eric Reyes
  • Carlos Rivas
  • Jasmine Stratton (nee Robinson)
  • Nichelle Washington (nee Howard)
  • Kristin Witcher


  • Alejandro Ramirez
  • Brenda Cora
  • Constance Brewer
  • D. Nigel Green
  • Ebonie Durham
  • F. Christopher Goins
  • Patricia Pena
  • Ronald Berry
  • Vince Gay
  • Wendy Erskine
  • Winnie Cheung

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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