Diverse Leaders Fellowship Cohort Two

Our second cohort expanded the impact and reach of our leaders of color, including fellows from 13 unique campuses, which for the first time, included our district campus: the Noble Support Team. Cohort 2 included 24 incredible fellows and 17 eager mentors – a tremendous expansion to both teams. This cohort also bonded within our first DLF annual retreat to strengthen their community bond and leadership abilities. Even though their experience was cut slightly short (thanks pandemic), their impact remained elevated throughout our district and city as Founders, Counselors, Consulatnts, Distinguished Teachers, Assistant Principals, Campus Leaders, and District Leaders.


  • Anthony Hendrix
  • Camielle Taylor
  • Daisy Bermudez
  • Delaina Martin
  • Denise Vessel-Chatman
  • Devin Evans
  • Dominique Collins
  • Eden Jimenez
  • Francisco Huerta
  • Ivory Duncan
  • Jose “Gunny” Alvarez
  • Joshua Sosa
  • Kimesha Hampton
  • LaShaun Crosby
  • Laura Rodriguez
  • Lucia Ramirez
  • Mark Williams
  • Masrura Faruque
  • Myriam Duran
  • Ojo Sekordri
  • Quincy Hudson
  • Reina Garcia
  • Richard Mosley
  • Robert Amey


  • Alejandro Ramirez
  • Brenda Cora
  • Chris Goins
  • Constance Jones
  • D. Nigel Green
  • Ebonie Durham
  • Ennis Bynum
  • Jacob Goldstein
  • Jennifer Reid
  • Kashawndra Wilson
  • Onel Abreu
  • Rachel Powers
  • Ronald Berry
  • Tony Briscoe
  • Vince Gay
  • Vondale Singleton
  • Winnie Cheung

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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