The third Diverse Leaders Fellowship cohort, unexpectedly, was the first and longest running, virtual talent pathway, spending the entire 10-month fellowship meeting remotely. Despite this shift, our group of fellows developed new, long standing routines including sharing their Stories of Self and building cohort-led, cohort-only community in Kinship Circles. There were some benefits to the virtual format as our community was able to hear from guest speakers within Noble and all over the United States. Most importantly, a new update to the program included pairing each of our 24 fellows with their very own specific mentor, making our third DLF community the largest cohort ever (50 people).


  • Yesenia Abreu
  • Alfredo Alviar
  • Esperanza Bernabe
  • Andrea Calderon
  • Rashad Davis
  • Edith Flores
  • Jasmine Gilstrap
  • Carina Gonzalez
  • Norma Gutierrez
  • Jasmine Guy
  • Yoseline Huerta
  • Teara Kemp
  • Adrian Munive
  • Alexander Nunez
  • Ayanna Pearson
  • Joseph Pinkston
  • Tierionna Pinkston
  • Anthony Ponder Sr., A.
  • Miguel Rivera, A.
  • Erica Santoyo
  • Yara Shadid
  • Courtney Tarver
  • Sandy Tran
  • Dominique Vega


  • Aide Acosta
  • Anthony Briscoe
  • Brenda Cora
  • Brian Riddick
  • Claudia Rodriguez
  • Constance Jones
  • Estee Kelly
  • Gina Lawrence
  • Janine Franklin
  • Jasmine Stratton
  • Jonas Cleaves
  • Kashawndra Wilson
  • Kelly Dean
  • Maritza Francois
  • Mireya Diaz
  • Moon Lee
  • Nicholas Jones
  • Nikki Desgrossellier
  • Olamide Babatunde
  • Rachel Powers
  • Shamiea Green
  • Tanya Klinkhachorn
  • Tony Sutton
  • Winnie Cheung

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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