A Letter to the Black Men at Rauner College Prep

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This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life. This particular blog is a thank you from the staff at Rauner College Prep.

To our Black men on staff at Rauner,

We believe that our Black boys at Rauner College Prep are brilliant. We believe they are talented and have big, beautiful dreams for their futures.

Society and media often portrays a different narrative for our Black boys – one that represents them as aggressive and apathetic regarding their future and purpose.

We know this isn’t a true story.

At Rauner College Prep, we have been working to improve the experience of our Black boys because we believe that, when we create environments that affirm their brilliance and provide safe space for them to show up as their authentic selves, it positively impacts our entire school community.

This school year, we hosted Black Boy Joy in the fall – an event for our Black boys to connect and celebrate together. This semester, we held our Black Boys Heal: See Me, Hear Me event, a space to bring awareness to the mental health of our Black boys and men.

But, we can’t forget some valuable key members in our community that have definitely impacted our Black boys at Rauner.

You — our Black male educators…

To Mr. Cattouse, Mr. Baymon and Mr. Banks: You bring strength to the building. You make taking care of your physical body just as important as taking care of yourself mentally and emotionally. You remind Black boys that emotion is masculine. You remind Black girls that strength is beautiful. You remind the RCP community that working hard for something is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. To see how you are all so willing to invest in our students is a constant reminder that the strength of a Black man is deeply rooted in the rarest kind of love. Thank you! We see your wisdom and your selflessness!

To Mr. Jones, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Flechs, Mr. Resonno, Mr. Rashad, and Mr. Hudson: You remind us that someone is always in our corner rooting us on. You remind us that our education opens doors. You remind us that excuses hold us back, but perseverance enables us to be whoever we want. Thank you for giving our Black and Brown boys an example of what real Black excellence looks like. We see your strength and your endurance!

To Mr. Render, Mr. LaBauex, and Mr. Brown: Thank you for always being willing to listen and to give advice. You bring smiles to many faces. Your presence in the hallways is always welcoming. Thank you for joining the Rauner community and being leaders in the change to improve the experiences our Black boys have in school. We see your love and your support.

Being a Black man in America is hard enough in itself. You all chose to be Black men that want to see change. You wake up every day and choose to have an impact on the future of Black children. We want you to know that we see you and we are grateful for your life, your presence, and your patience with our students.

Lastly, to all the Black men who are interested in being educators or working to become educators, we asked our Black male staff why they are proud of who they are and what they do to encourage you in your journey:

This photo is a headshot of Quincy Hudson, a college counselor at Rauner College Prep. He is a Black man and he is wearing glasses and bright blue t-shirt with black sleeves.

QUINCY HUDSON, College Counselor

“I am proud to be a Black male educator because I realize how important the Black male teachers, coaches, counselors, and principals were in my life when I was growing up. Our elders provide windows to opportunities that open doors of possibility in our lives. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the scholars at RCP in this way.”

Photo is a headshot of Prentyce Robinson I, a teacher at Rauner College Prep. He is a Black man and is wearing a black blazer, gray collared shirt, and a black tie.

Prentyce Robinson I, Government & Politics Teacher


“I am proud because I get to be a different kind of representation of what success looks like as a Black man. I get to be an example of what it means to not be a product of your surroundings. And to prove to my students that knowledge is power and you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

This photo is a headshot of Daron Brown, a culture specialist at Rauner College Prep. He is a Black man and is wearing a bright red fleece jacket.

Daron Brown, Culture Specialist


I am proud to be a Black educator because I am proud to be an advocate for Black students. I am proud to be that example of someone who has made it from an inner city with odds stacked against them. I am proud to teach them new things and to teach them things that were never taught to me. I gracefully accept being a role model and voice for those students who haven’t found their own. I am proud to be a Black educator because I can help shape and mold young lives.”

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