Noble Schools Place in Top 10% Across All U.S. High Schools

Graphic has an image in the background of Noble Schools students doing a science lab with their teacher guiding them on the side. On top of that image is a dark blue semi-transparent layer. On top of that, starting in the top left corner, is yellow and white text that reads "Noble Schools Place in Top 10 Percent Across All U.S. Schools". In the bottom left corner, there is white text that reads "U.S. News & World Report Rankings for 2023". The Noble Schools logo is in the bottom right corner.
Published On: September 13th, 2023Categories: 2023, Constance Jones, Equity at Noble, Noble In The News, Noble Updates

U.S. News & World Report has published their 2023 rankings of top public high schools in the nation, recognizing seven Noble schools in the top 10% of U.S. high schools. In addition, 11 Noble schools were ranked in the top 35 high schools within CPS; in fact, all Noble high schools are ranked in the top half of CPS.

“Parents choose Noble because of our deep commitment to a holistic, student-centered approach that will equip them for college and enable them to lead a choice-filled life rich with potential,” said Constance Jones, CEO of Noble. “This vision is brought to life by the relentless and passionate work our teachers and staff members bring to the job every day to provide our students with transformational classroom experiences.”

Noble Schools are ranked similarly to Chicago’s most elite selective enrollment schools which require strenuous test-in admissions standards. Noble schools, in contrast, require no testing for admission, and are open to all students in the city of Chicago.

“These new rankings demonstrate a strong start to the academic year as we maintain our focus on continuous improvement to ensure our students are receiving the best education possible,” said Ellen Metz, head of schools for Noble. “I’m proud of the hard work our students, families and staff have all put in to demonstrate yet again that Noble campuses are standout schools, even on the national stage.”

U.S. News & World Report’s rankings factor in college readiness, state assessment proficiency and performance, underserved student performance, college curriculum breadth, and graduation rates.

“When schools serving primarily Black and Brown students succeed, we all succeed,” said Jennifer Reid Davis, head of strategy and equity for Noble. “By uplifting students and families who have been historically underserved in schools and providing them with the resources and opportunities they deserve, we not only aid them in pursuing their college and career aspirations, but also in creating positive multi-generational change. The collective success of thousands of students across our schools can have a transformative impact on the city of Chicago and beyond.”

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This graphic shows two selfies in the background. On the left is Dr. Tiffani Farrow, the school psychologist for UIC College Prep and Johnson College Prep. The photo on the right shows Dr. Maria Vlantis, the school psychologist for Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy, Pritzker College Prep, and The Noble Academy. On top of these selfies is a dark blue transparent layer. On top of that and in the bottom left corner is blue text on a yellow box that reads "Learn About Noble's School Pyschologists". The Noble Schools logo is in the bottom right corner.Learn About Noble Schools' School Psychologists
In this image, there is a background photo of a multi-colored fabric with geometric designs in it. On top of that is a transparent blue layer. On top of that is yellow and white text that reads "Why We Choose to Use Latinx at Noble Schools". On the bottom left, there is a white and yellow ribbon. Inside the ribbon is blue text that reads "By Aidé Acosta, Chief College Officer". The Noble Schools logo is in the bottom right corner.Why We Choose to Say "Latinx" at Noble Schools

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