Noble Schools Principal and Student Recognized by Illinois Network of Charter Schools

In this image collage, there are two photos. The one on the left is of Jeylin, a student at UIC College Prep. The one on the right is of Carrie Spitz, a principal at UIC College Prep.
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This week, a Noble Schools’ principal and student were awarded by the Illinois Network of Charter Schools at a ceremony for their outstanding contributions to their communities. They were two of just a few educators and students who were chosen from 141 charter campuses across the state of Illinois. Here’s more about them and why they were awarded:

Jeylin C | Senior | UIC College Prep

Jeylin C, a senior at UIC College Prep, was one of four charter high school seniors to receive the Outstanding Illinois Charter School Senior award from INCS. Her college counselor and dean of college & career counseling at UICCP, Nikki Desgrosellier, nominated Jeylin because of her dedication to both her academics and her community.

Jeylin C, a senior at UIC College Prep, poses for a photo with her family at the Illinois Network of Charter Schools award ceremony.

Jeylin (second from right) with her family at the awards ceremony.

“Jeylin is an outstanding student. She has a remarkable academic record. In addition to that, she’s super involved in many meaningful activities,” Desgrosellier said, “She is a leader, she is compassionate, and she’s very bright.”

Jeylin is a recent QuestBridge scholar and is involved in several academic, professional, and community service activities, both inside and outside of her school. She is a Thrive Scholar, a Leadership Initiatives internship team lead, and an Alexander Hamilition Scholar, among many other school activities she engages in like band and mathletes. Jeylin credits her mom for helping her with time management skills so she can fit in all these activities amongst her rigorous academic schedule.

Next fall, Jeylin will be going to University of Pennsylvania to learn marketing in the business school. She first developed her love for marketing while working with the Leadership Initiatives program, where she and her peers helped small business owners in underdeveloped countries get grants and advertise.

When she heard that she won the Outstanding Senior award, she was excited.

“I was so happy because there’s like so much effort that I put into so many things. So, then, being acknowledged for it and recognized is just like such an amazing accomplishment for myself and my family,” Jeylin said.

Her family, Desgrosellier, and UICCP principal, Dalonte Burns, all showed up to support her at the awards ceremony this week.

“Jeylin really embodies our mission. I’m inspired by her commitment to create positive multigenerational change. Multigenerational change is not just about what we do in the future—it is what we do on an everyday basis. And she does that every time she shows up,” Principal Burns said, “I’m really proud of her.”

Principal Carrie Spitz | Pritzker College Prep

Jeylin wasn’t the only Noble community member awarded this week—Principal Carrie Spitz of Pritzker College Prep was also awarded as the Charter School Principal of the Year. While there were many nominations for this award, Spitz was chosen for her 18-year-long commitment to education and because of her impact on Pritzker staff.

“This principal is perpetually pushing staff to improve themselves for the benefit of the students. She is unapologetic about wanting the best college outcomes for her students. At the exact same time, she is consistently honoring the humanity in our work,” said Christian Feaman, the director of district advocacy at INCS, as he gave Spitz her award.

In this photo, Principal Carrie Spitz of Pritzker College Prep is receiving her award from hristian Feaman, the director of district advocacy at INCS.

Carrie Spitz (left) receiving her award from Christian Feaman (right).

Spitz has been with Noble Schools since 2007—she started off as a teacher at Pritzker and has been the principal for the last six years. When she received her award, Spitz spoke in depth about how much she appreciates the people who helped her become the leader she is today.

“Thank you to my staff at Pritzker College Prep for nominating me and making this work feel more like home than a job… Thanks to Noble Schools for the level of trust and autonomy you have given me that has allowed me to lead Pritzker in this way,” Spitz said.

Spitz was nominated by Pam Johnson, the dean of students at Pritzker. She has been working with Spitz for nearly 12 years and said that Spitz has helped her grow so much as an educator.

“When I think of Carrie as a principal, she’s unbelievable,” Johnson said in a video played at the ceremony, “She has seen me through some really awesome times and some really tough times. I would not be half the educator I am today without her. We do not believe this school would be half the school that it is without her.”

Noble is proud of both Jeylin and Principal Spitz, and we are honored to have such brilliant people within our community.

“Jeylin is such a star, and Carrie is a leading model of Noble’s core values,” Ellen Metz, head of schools at Noble, said, “Jeylin is incredibly kind, hard-working, and driven. Carrie has been in Noble through thick and thin, and her commitment to students and families in the Hermosa community is second to none. We are so grateful to have both of them as a part of the Noble family.”

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