Dear Panthers,

I am so excited to begin this school year with you!

In order to ensure that you have a wonderful high school experience, I have a few tips listed below:

1) Get involved! Go to Office Hours regularly to meet other students, ask questions during your synchronous classes, and if there are groups and clubs meeting, sign up for one! You will feel more connected to your Panther peers and the community at large.

2) Get help! Lean on your advisor for help on how to boost grades, how to navigate high school, and how to excel with new discipline and attendance policies.

3) Be excellent. We aim to be excellent in all that we do at Golder College Prep. We ask that you maintain a growth mindset, rise up when you fall, and continue to bring your best to Golder College Prep. When you bring your best, so do your peers.

Let’s have a great year together, Panthers!

Ms. Weingartner

Principal, Golder College Prep

Ms. Weingartner

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