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Starting six years ago, we began a journey that introduced us to an established and proven teaching model that was little known outside a small enclave of elite institutions. Beginning in the summer of 2007, Noble has been sending students to Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire to engage with a diverse group of students around the Harkness® table. Upon returning, it became immediately apparent that this experience of student-led, discussion-based learning transformed our participating students. It soon became obvious that this transformation should be available to all students. That transformation is happening today, with your children, at The Noble Academy.

More specifically, we at The Academy promise to provide a world-class, non-selective educational experience. Together, we will hold your children accountable to their education, their teachers and their peers. Ultimately, The Noble Academy will seek competitive college placement for all its students. These efforts, academic rigor and a structured environment will produce engaged college graduates that will achieve greatness and share that greatness with the community that nurtured them.

Welcome to the Noble family, we’re thrilled to have you.

If you would like to be more involved please reach out to our parent advisor representative, Makinde Adedapo. He can be contacted via email

Principal Rogers

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