School History & Mission


Noble Academy seeks to provide a world-class educational experience through Harkness to prepare students for college graduation and engaged citizenship.


Excellent Instruction

At TNA, excellent instruction focuses on transferable and enduring understandings using backwards planning, data, and Harkness as a tool.

A Positive and Equitable Student Experience

At TNA, a positive and equitable student experience creates diverse opportunities and outcomes that allow students to be engaged, active members of our community.


Opening in 2014, The Noble Academy is one of the highest performing non-selective schools in the city of Chicago. Rated a Level 1+ school and boasting the second highest non-selective ACT score in the city, The Noble Academy has transformed public education by creating the collegiate experience of learning in a very unique high school setting.

The Academy’s exclusive partnership with Phillips Exeter Academy, a top private school in New Hampshire, gives rise to a range of opportunities for The Noble Academy students. All classes are taught using the Harkness Method of instruction. Seated around oval tables, students engage in discussion-based, student led learning. Unlike teacher-driven classrooms of 30+ students, Harkness allows small groups of students to thrive intellectually, as teachers gently guide the discussion, encouraging students to collaborate rather than compete, and ensuring the mastery of critical thinking skills.

Enriching summer experiences and high school extracurricular opportunities are as important to TNA as academic results. The Noble Academy sends between up to eight students to Exeter’s summer program each year. Through Summer of a Lifetime, a network-wide program that allows students to participate in life-changing, summer academic enrichment programs on college campuses nationwide, TNA sends over half of the sophomore class to live on a college campus over the summer. At TNA, the education of the whole child continues to be our focus. The Academy has seen tremendous success with 11 varsity sports teams, including the Boys and Girls Cross Country Conference Championships. Extracurricular clubs are student-led and range from the Coding Club, to the Dissection Club, to our ever-popular Table Tennis Club. The band program has been incredibly successful, earning CPS’s highest rating each year.

TNA is one of the most diverse Chicago Public Schools in the city, attracting students from 47 different zip codes and over 100 elementary schools. With our unique Phillips Exeter Academy collaboration, we offer Chicago Public School students a truly world-class secondary school experience, with lively, energetic teachers, staff, and administrators nurturing and supporting their success to and through some of the best colleges across the country. goes here

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Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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