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Learn About Noble Schools’ School Psychologists

Many people don’t know what a school psychologist does. Some think they’re like a social worker – working one-on-one with students to provide resources. Others think they are in-school counselors and therapists – holding sessions to help students […]

September 11th, 2023|Categories: 2023, Johnson College Prep, Noble Staff, Pritzker College Prep, Rowe-Clark, TNA, UIC College Prep|

Johnson College Prep Launches Speaker Series for Girls & Women

“What I need you to trust and know is that it is a process, and you, too, can get to the other side. Because, actually, you’re not becoming a diamond – you always was one.”

Jennifer Reid Davis, the […]

“They’re here. They wanna be here.” — Noble’s Return to School Amid the Omicron Surge

While the Omicron variant raged through Chicago and across the world this past holiday season, Noble teams went to work to ensure students could return to school safely and continue learning in January. Starting this week, Noble Schools […]

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