Meet Our Principal

Cicele Bennett

Rauner College Prep

Mrs. Cicele Bennett is proud to serve the Rauner College Prep school community. In her twenty years as an educator, she’s worn many hats all in the pursuit of providing students with a rigorous, and engaging school experience that allows them to achieve ambitious goals. 

Mrs. Bennett earned her B.S. in Secondary Education with a concentration in Social Sciences from Indiana University–Bloomington and her MEd in Curriculum Studies with a concentration on School Leadership from DePaul University. Prior to becoming principal, Mrs. Bennett served as Noble’s Principal Resident. In that role, she had visibility to the interworking of school-based leadership teams within Noble. This experience codified her understanding of and belief in the principalship. Mrs. Bennett strives to create conditions in which students are able to achieve audacious goals, but not at the expense of staff sustainability. Mrs. Bennett believes that genius lives within the Rauner school community, and she remains committed to making college a choice for all students. 

Mrs. Bennett lives on the south side with her husband and two sons.

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