“My Trip to Harvard University” – A Baker College Prep Student’s Story

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BY BRIANNA DEKRINES, she/her, Baker College Prep student

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of going to college. So, when I was offered the opportunity to visit Harvard University this summer by Miss Gaddis, one of my teachers, I knew I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me up. I’m so glad I didn’t. 

Going to Harvard opened my eyes to how college courses really are and the endless opportunities that come along with college. It showed me what attending college would be like. It is so much different from high school – from the way classes are structured to the instructors themselves, plus all the freedom you could ask for.

Photo shows 7 Baker College Prep students, posing with their certificates from Harvard University's Harvard Academies program for high school students


Brianna (third from right) and her Baker College Prep peers at Harvard University, posing with their certificates for participating in the Harvard program.

One of the most influential parts of this trip was gaining so much knowledge from the program we attended, Harvard Academies. The classes in the program were taught by Harvard undergradate students who were actually living out my dreams! I had no previous marketing/advertising experience, but I’ve been thinking about pursuing a career in these fields. This opportunity gave me hands-on experience, not only with college classes, but also experience with working on a team of new people, thinking through a concept, and pitching an idea to a group of people. Each day, we had a lesson on different topics, such as public speaking or how to pitch a start-up business idea properly. We also had two guest speakers join us. They talked about ways to become successful, start your own business, and tips on how to efficiently find the best investors for our own businesses.

Of course, I’d be wrong if I didn’t include the significant social aspects of the trip. Having recently moved to America from Jamaica myself, I was delighted to meet so many other students from different parts of the country and enjoyed getting to know them.

Photo shows Brianna Dekrines and her Baker College Prep peers on a boat in Boston Harbor during their visit to Harvard University


Brianna (third from left) and her peers sailing in the Boston Harbor.

I was happy to have seven of my Baker peers experience all that Boston and Harvard have to offer along with me. Whether it was navigating the Freedom Trail, sailing the Boston Harbor, or trekking around Harvard’s campus trying to find a sign to take a picture with (pro tip: There are no signs on Harvard’s campus to take a picture with), this has been a trip of a lifetime.

My advice to all reading this, if you are ever given the opportunity to go to a college, any college, take advantage of it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Check out this video to see more of Baker College Prep’s trip to Harvard:

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