DRW College Prep Freshmen Talk About How They Feel Seen

DRW College Prep freshman talk about inclusion and anti-racism at their school
Published On: May 25th, 2022Categories: 2022, Anti-Racism Commitment, Campus Life, DRW College Prep, Students

This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life.

We had a chance to sit down and hear from a few of our freshmen at DRW College Prep about how they feel welcomed in their school community, especially as it relates to our Anti-Racism Commitment. Check out what they had to say:

Q: Has a teacher done a lesson/project that made you or others in your community feel seen?

“In math class, the teacher assigned us a project about creating our own business. We had to research how much we would make if we started the business. I like the projects because I liked how I got to think about my own interests.” 

-Nickylia H. (Class of 2025)

“I liked the same math project because it was interesting thinking about what I would want to sell for my business. I liked thinking about how much I would charge for my product and the other costs involved such as taxes and cost of production.”

-Javon H. (Class of 2025)

“In our Community Building Experience class, the teacher does a great job bringing in guest speakers. This year, we had a speaker talk about how LGBTQ people are impacted in our community. I learned that it’s important to rebuild the community and respect LGBTQ people in our community.” 

-Jason H. (Class of 2025)

Q: How have you seen anti-racism at DRW? How do you feel included at DRW?

“To me, DRW is antiracist because they make me feel that all races are included. I personally feel included at DRW because I know I’m not the only Black person there, and I feel loved by people of other races that attend my school. The teachers make me feel included because they are always there when I need them and they give me words of encouragement. They push me to do more and more.”

-Shamari H. (Class of 2025)

“DRW is antiracist because they accept staff and students of all races.”

-Isiaha C. (Class of 2025)

“I like how our school lets us wear jeans as part of our uniform. It makes me feel comfortable and I think the school listens well to students.”

-Nickylia H. (Class of 2025)

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