Over 2000 Students Attend Noble’s 13th Annual College Fair

Published On: May 23rd, 2022Categories: 2022, College at Noble, Students

Last month, over 2000 students across all 18 Noble campuses logged on to the 13th annual Noble College Fair to hear from prospective colleges and universities across the United States. This was the second time the fair has been held virtually – a change since the start of the pandemic.

More than 100 colleges and universities attended the fair and connected with Noble juniors and seniors to share the array of college options ahead for them. In addition to Illinois schools like the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the college fair attracted an impressive list of schools from across the country like Harvard, Washington University in St. Louis, Yale, Wake Forest, and a growing number of HBCUs like Alabama State, Fisk, Jackson State, Tennessee State, and more.

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Over 100 colleges and universities attended Noble Schools' 13th Annual College Fair

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One of the sessions led by representatives from U of I, Purdue, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota.

For Christopher Cruz, a junior at Gary Comer College Prep, his favorite part about the fair was connecting with schools and “getting to know colleges outside the state of Illinois.” He says hearing from the University of Arizona and the University of Southern California during the fair were the biggest highlights for him – and that it’s motivating him to push forward as he enters his senior year in the fall.

Liliana Santoyo, a junior at Pritzker College Prep, shared that she was really excited to learn about many different colleges. This session by Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania stood out the most to her. Liliana says she was able to hear the “confidence” and “excitement” that Darryl Jones, the Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Gettysburg College, had during the session and how he was “really excited to talk about what had to offer.”

Photo shows students at Pritzker College Prep attending Noble Schools' 13th annual College Fair on their laptops in the classroom


Students at Pritzker College Prep attending the virtual 13th annual Noble College Fair.

Paris Agee, a junior at Butler College Prep, shared important advice for other students interested in going to college: “Take notes and ask questions” during the event, he says, because the information each college and university brings to the event is insightful.

Noble’s first College Fair was held in 2009. The event continues to be one of the most impactful opportunities for students to connect with colleges across the United States for the first time.

Full recordings of all 12 sessions for this year can be found here.

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