Gary Comer College Prep Pushes Past the Summer Slump

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This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life.

Throughout the vibrant halls of Gary Comer College Prep, you will find many adults who are investing their whole selves into the whole child. Contrary to popular belief, our summers are no different.

There’s something for everyone at GCCP this summer. CHAMPS, the male mentoring group that is taking the country by storm, will be providing employment opportunities to over 25 young men. The GCCP Science Department and the Comer Family Foundation will be sending eight Comer students to Maine for a scientific expedition learning about the history of Acadia National Park and conducting crab population research while there.

For the physically active Catamounts, the summer sports camp will be making its return to Greater Grand Crossing, covering over seven different sports for students to engage in. Last summer, over 30 students participated in the camp.

And at the heart of everything this summer, nearly 50 students from Comer will participate in the Summer Of A Lifetime program.

Summer Of A Lifetime is a unique program at Noble Schools that connects our students with universities and colleges across the U.S. to participate in summer academic enrichment programs

>> Learn more about Summer Of A Lifetime here

Of the students at Gary Comer who are participating this year, 24 students were matched and accepted into highly competitive programs and 27 students will be going to programs that are two weeks or longer. Forty-six percent of the students are black boys, which is the highest male participation in the last four years.

Hear from two Gary Comer scholars, Jaylin Miller and Logan Harrod, about what they’re looking forward to for their Summer of a Lifetime experience this summer:


Jaylin Miller


Logan Harrod

Q: What school and program are you going to participate in this summer?

Jaylin Miller: I am going to attend Syracuse University and the program I am participating in is criminal justice law.

Logan Harrod: I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the program that I will be participating in is STEM!

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your Summer of a Lifetime experience?

JM: I am looking forward to learning new things, meeting new people and learning how to function in the real world.

LH: What I’m most looking forward to is getting college experience early.

Q: What are you most nervous about?

JM: I am the most nervous about being by myself.

LH: What I’m nervous about is meeting new people from different backgrounds.

Q: We’re sure you want to look good on campus. Describe your go-to summer outfit.

JM: Hahahaha, I don’t really prefer a specific look, maybe jogging pants and a crop top or biker shorts and big hoodies or shirts.

LH: My go-to summer outfit is a Nike or Vans shirt, shorts, and crocs.

Q: What attracted you to do Summer of a Lifetime?

JM: What attracted me to do Summer of a Lifetime was because I want to major in something that is not really looked at often. I can have the chance to learn this career and discover whether I would like to major in something different.

LH: What attracted me to do Summer of a Lifetime was when I got an email from Mrs. King saying I got nominated for the program.

Q: What do you hope to get from this experience as you come back to GCCP to finish your high school journey?

JM:  What I hope to get from this experience is the ability to work in difficult situations even when things get hard, the exposure to different cultures, and people skills.

LH: What I hope to get from the experience is motivation and drive so I can finish high school with good grades.

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