Leading Teachers in Anti-Racism Work During a Pandemic – “Changing the Course: Building An Antiracist Education” Episode Six

Image shows headshots of Lyndsey Cowles and Tierionna Pinkston, members of Noble Schools' Academics team. On top of the headshots in the bottom right corner is the Changing The Course: Building An Antiracist Education video podcast logo
Published On: July 15th, 2022Categories: 2022, Changing the Course, Staff



In this episode, we talk with Lyndsay Cowles and Tierionna Pinkston — two leaders of Noble Schools’ Academics team.

Cowles and Pinkston talk about their work in supporting teachers this year through the policy changes at Noble Schools and through the pandemic. They highlight topics from what struggles they saw teachers encounter this year to the plans they are creating next year to better support teachers.

Listen or watch now to hear more about their journey leading teachers this school year.

After this episode, we will be taking a hiatus until the school year starts up again. Make sure to check back in for Season 2 in the fall!

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Lyndsay Cowles, Director of Academics, Noble Schools

Image shows a headshot of Lyndsey Cowles, Director of Academics at Noble Schools

Lyndsay Cowles has been in education for nearly two decades and is currently the Director of Academics at the Support Team of Noble Schools.

She began her work with Noble at the original campus, where she taught U.S. History/AP U.S. History, AP English Language, and physical education. She has also worked in the Jennings School District of St. Louis, where she oversaw curriculum and professional development for the district.

In 2015, she earned her Ph.D. in Education from Indiana University Bloomington.

Tierionna Pinkston, Instructional Leadership Coach, Noble Schools

Image shows a headshot of Tierionna Pinkston, the Instructional Leadership Coach at Noble Schools in Chicago, IL


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