Butler College Prep students are getting accepted into colleges, getting full rides, and celebrating
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This is part of a series of blogs from Noble campus representatives to give a deeper look at campus life.

Through creating a sense of true belonging and community and providing best-in-class college counseling, Butler College Prep is redefining the educational experience for students in the Pullman community.


If you walk through the hallways of Butler right now, you will hear seniors talking about their college acceptances and the financial aid opportunities that they’ve been offered. You will also see blue and purple polo shirts popping up amongst the senior class. What does that mean?

Students receive blue shirts when they have been accepted into at least four of their college choices. They get purple shirts when they are offered a full-ride scholarship. Talk about raising the standard!

Students at Butler College Prep wear their special blue and purple shirts as their college acceptances and full-ride scholarships come in.

However, the upperclassmen are not the only ones feeling all the love. Our College Team does a great job getting our underclassmen involved and familiar with the college process.

They introduce our freshman and sophomores to pre-college seminars, where they work hands-on with college-level assignments and think about their future goals. They help our underclassmen learn about different colleges, their costs, the FAFSA, and the academic workload.

And let’s not forget to mention how our College Team coordinates the best campus visits, guest speakers, senior trips, and the dopest HBCU (historical black colleges & universities) tour the world has ever seen. The work of our College Team encourages and gives hope to our students so they can explore their future options and choices. A lot of times, our students think that college is out of the picture. But, at Butler, we aim to show our students that they deserve equitable opportunities, just like anyone else.

“Our College Team is doing a phenomenal job preparing our students for their post high school experience,” said one staff member at Butler.


Another way Butler College Prep is redefining the educational experience – creating opportunities to create community through sports for both athletes and non-athletes. This year, the Butler Lady Lynx basketball team advanced to the Illinois 2A Super Sectional Finals – the first Noble team ever to make it to the state finals! – and they made us all very proud!

Butler College Prep girls' basketball team, the Lady Lynxes, winning their ISHA final sectional


The Lady Lynxes celebrate after winning their sectional and advancing to the finals.

During their historic run, the girls’ basketball team provided a cause for our campus to unite around, after two long years of the pandemic. Every day, students worked hard to earn spots on the fan buses so they could travel to the games and cheer on our team! And it wasn’t only students. The staff made every effort to provide endless support and physical representation during the playoff run.

“What this ultimately did was teach our students that just because they are from certain neighborhoods or backgrounds, it doesn’t mean that they can’t prove people wrong,” said Brandon Prince, Academic Coach at Butler College Prep.

Many students and newer staff learned chants and cheers that helped our athletes feel motivated and our non-athletes feel a sense of belonging. Our Lady Lynx team gave the whole campus a sense of pride. Students across the school are now looking to build on the momentum set by the girls’ basketball team.

Butler College Prep students and staff show up to support the girls' basketball team, the Lady Lynxes, as they advance to ISHA Super Sectional Finals


Butler College Prep students and staff show up to support the Lady Lynxes.

From athletic programs to college counseling and all the other amazing extracurriculars we have, Butler is changing students’ educational experiences for the better. Check us out on social media or stop by for a visit, and we promise that you will enjoy your Butler experience just as much as we do:

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