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Tony Sutton

DRW College Prep

About – Tony Sutton

Tony Sutton’s career in education began in 2005 as a Teach For America corps member. For two years he taught middle school special education in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tony joined TFA with an awareness of systemic racism and classism. It was this first teaching experience that demonstrated how these systemic issues impose barriers to opportunity for marginalized communities. This experience also showed Tony that the families and students we serve are amazing, resilient, committed, loving, kind and not defined by the false narratives that are often ascribed to the communities we serve.

In addition to serving as a middle school special education teacher in Charlotte, Tony also served as a K-7 special education teacher in Washington, DC; a Director of School Culture, a Dean of Student Support, an assistant principal; all in Washington, DC; and a principal in Chicago. Tony has been fortunate to work with amazing scholars, families, teachers, staff, community partners, and school leaders throughout his 15 years in education.

Tony believes the work that we do as a school community is all encompassing. We commit our hearts, our minds, and our souls to our students and families. The work we do necessitates presence, sacrifice, relentless pursuit of excellence, and resilience. For our students to receive an excellent education that will afford them the opportunity to live choice filled lives, we must set expectations of excellence in all that we do.

Excellence is the goal for DRW and Tony is committed, excited, and humbled to lead the DRW community in pursuit of this righteous goal.

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