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Tracking Covid-19

Noble is sharing data about actionable Covid-19 cases involving individuals who were in Noble facilities to keep families, students and staff informed about how the pandemic is affecting our schools and our community. Case counts are updated weekly.

How can students and families stay healthy during an extended school closure?

We’ve compiled a list of resources; from recipes and workouts to self-care and free books. Check out the links below and enjoy!



Open Library – Free online books 

Library of Congress – Free online Books

Project GutenbergFree online books

Chicago Park DistrictPark District Programs

NY Times – Free Learning Activities and Articles

Khan Academy – Free Online Courses/Practice

Food and Recipes

Pilot Light – Family Food Education Lessons and Videos

University of Maine – Recipes

Illinois Extension – Recipes

Eat Right – Recipe: Vegetable Stars and Soup

Eat Right – Recipe: Baked Potato Crips

Illinois Hunger Coalition – Food Resources


Physical Health 

Pop Sugar Fitness – Zumba at Home

Yoga with Adrienne – Yoga at Home

Brand X – Functional Movement at Home

Equinox Fitness – Cardio Tabata at Home

Live Sonimo – Family Workout at Home

Fitness Blender – Sports Endurance and Agility at Home

Nate Bower Fitness – Athletic Conditioning No Equipment


Core Power Yoga – Free Yoga on Demand

American Heart Association – Heart Health and Physical Health

@benoblefit  Home workouts, tips, and resources

Feuerbach FitnessComprehensive Fitness

The Importance of Balance and Routine

It’s so important for students to create balance and routine while they spend extended time at home. Maintaining healthy sleep patterns, ample study time, exercise/wellness blocks, creativity blocks, and social/entertainment time will help students create balance and routine while they are away from school. While this is a unique time for our students and country, it’s important that we continue to encourage boundaries, set expectations, and create space for students to learn, exercise, and have fun.

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 Coronavirus Resources:


Social-Emotional Resources:
Community Resources:
Elevate Chicago:
Chicago’s Coronavirus Center:
Illinois Department of Public Health
Childcare Resources for First Responders 
    National Centers for Disease Control
    CDC: How to stop the spread of germs
    What to do if you are sick: 

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