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Noble Day Care has been a second home for our boys for the past five years. Both started at three months and were so loved and cared for by the staff that we couldn’t imagine them being anywhere else. Many days at pick-up, they run away from me because they want to stay and keep playing with friends. Our oldest just moved on to kindergarten and talks daily about missing Noble Day Care. I can already see how well prepared he is for school.

Noble Day Care Parent


Noble Day Care has a three-tiered mission to have a positive impact on education:

Tier one is to provide an excellent early childhood education that gradually, but purposefully transitions children from a home-like setting to a school-like setting.

Tier two is to provide an excellent benefit to Noble Network employees and the surrounding community so they can focus on their careers knowing their children are well cared for at an affordable rate.

Tier three is to have a positive impact on students who attend Noble schools by helping to recruit and retain excellent staff members in their schools.


Noble Day Care was founded in 2010 by Jamie Thomas with the support of Noble Schools and Yesenia Espinoza, now our Director. Jamie has a degree in elementary education and taught 4th and 5th graders in Baltimore, MD for 2 years before making the choice to leave teaching when her first child was born.

Knowing what a difficult decision this can be, once her kids were old enough to be in school full time, she wanted to do something to continue to improve education and Noble Day Care was born. Yesenia has a degree in Early Childhood Education and grew up in the West Town neighborhood that has been positively impacted by Noble.

What started with 11 children has grown to 45 children. We celebrated our first Learning Lion graduation in 2011 and our children have gone on to grammar schools like Skinner North, Skinner West, Pritzker Gifted, Rowe Elementary, LaSalle II and many other great schools!

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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