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Noble Day Care’s Educational Model follows a balanced approach of free exploration, natural environment learning with guidance, and built-in structured activities. We believe it is important for children to have a daily schedule so they can feel confident in knowing what to expect in their day. We want kids to be a part of the learning process and expressing their interests to help guide our teaching.

We are also focused on making sure kids are set up for academic success when they leave us. We track their growth to ensure we are meeting their academic needs and we work closely with them to ensure their social skills are developed in a positive way.


Noble Day Care’s general philosophy is to transition gradually, but purposefully from a home-like setting in our “Baby Bobcat” room to a school-like setting in our “Learning Lion” preschool room adding a little more structure, both in their day and in their activities, in each classroom. In the younger years, we will focus much more on natural environment learning—talking about things in our environment and exploring what color they are, how many there are, what sounds that makes, how to play with friends next to us etc. We introduce short structured activities as children become ready for them. The activities gradually increase as children develop, and once in preschool, students will really experience a much more school-like setting, preparing them for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Assessments, for tracking and purposeful instructional development, will take place three times per year and developmental checklists/report cards will be sent home (October, February, and June).

Please note that all children will experience free choice time each day as well as physical activities, and during these times, many social skills are being developed both naturally and intentionally. Our goals are to make sure we’re creating happy, curious, well-prepared children for grammar school and the big, wide world out there.

Ensuring Positive and Equitable School Experiences for Noble Students Across Chicago

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