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Jordan Kruger


ITW David Speer Academy

About – Jordan Kruger

Jordan Kruger was born and raised in Chicago and has a deeply rooted love for the city. While playing football at the University of Illinois, he majored in Molecular and Cellular Biology and minored in Chemistry. Passionate about STEAM education, he joined Teach for America in 2006 to teach high school science on the west side of Chicago at Orr High School. He joined Noble in 2008 and taught Physics, Chemistry, and AP Biology at Rauner College Prep. In 2012, as the head of the Math and Science Department at Rauner, Jordan designed the Honors STEM program. Knowing that STEM careers are both the highest in demand and the hardest to attain, the program was created with the intent of providing experiences in the STEM workforce through internships as well as increased rigor in classrooms.

In 2013, in collaboration with other founding administrators, Jordan was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to help create a STEM high school in Chicago, ITW David Speer Academy. Expanding on lessons learned while designing Rauner’s STEM program, Jordan was able to build out the academic vision of Speer on a large scale. After 10 years in existence, Speer has grown to be one of the most academically successful schools in the Noble Network, providing all students with STEAM exposure through rigor in the classroom, 25 STEAM electives, pre-college STEAM summer programming, and a senior internship program, excellent athletic and extracurricular experiences.

Jordan believes that all students should have the opportunity to meet their educational and career goals. Receiving a great STEAM education allows for access into fields that require specific skill sets that can only be learned when there is an abundance of resources. The distribution of these resources across our country is not equal, thus it is imperative that we create institutions that level the playing field and offer our students the same opportunities. It is Jordan’s mission to provide any student in Chicago, regardless of background, with an education that will prepare them for the future of their choice. Jordan has a deep love for Chicago, an extensive wealth of STEM knowledge, and a proven track record of leading teams. He hopes to further develop Speer Academy into the greatest STEAM school in the country.

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