SOL & Senior Internship Program


Summer of a Lifetime is a program that creates awareness, provides funding, and supports hundreds of high achieving, low-income students from across Noble to participate in summer academic enrichment programs at colleges and universities nationwide. This program is proven to forever influence the trajectory of our students lives.


Program Vision: Our vision is to increase the inclusion of underrepresented populations in STEAM fields by adequately preparing our students for STEAM college majors and careers. Working in a professional environment alongside worksite supervisors will equip students with hard and soft skills that will enable them to graduate from college in a STEAM major and to become future problem solvers, innovators and leaders in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Math.

Program Goals: Speer Academy faculty and students will work with you to meet the following objectives

  • Establish a mutually beneficial partnership with business partners: professionals provide mentorship and teach professional skills while students contribute to unpaid work to the business or organization.
  • Connect students with professionals according to their areas of interest.
  • Explore the educational requirements, traits and skills required in a career of interest.
  • Develop hard and soft skills in a professional setting.
  • Promote the training of future employees in STEAM careers.
  • Increase the inclusion of underrepresented populations in STEAM and professional fields

Internship Logistics:

  • Students attend internship on Fridays for a minimum of 5 hours. Students must earn a minimum of 50 hours from February-mid-May.
  • Because the senior internship is a graduation requirement, students will not be paid at their placements.
  • Students take a class at Speer Academy that coincides with their internships and reinforces the hard and soft skills they are developing, as well as presenting them with the opportunity to build a resume, improve their professional communication skills, research a career of interest, and develop a product related to the work they do in their placements.
  • Students maintain a journal of activities and learning at internship.
  • The worksite supervisor ensures that student has arrived, evaluates the student’s work at the internship site and communicates with the Internship Coordinator on regular basis regarding progress, concerns, etc.


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